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Benefits Of Being A Plumber


Jobs come in various shapes and sizes. Every job has its specifications and characteristics and requires you to go through rigorous training. There are so many things that come with being a plumber, and if you are planning to be one, then you must know what it takes to be it. Apart from the training and the skill that you require, you must know what you are really into.

Job Security: 

This is one thing that you will see in the plumbing. You don’t have to worry about running out of j9bs and as long as there are pipes, the world will need plumbers. However, there are requirements of skill, and as long as you have it, you can rest assured of your job security.

Opportunity for Entrepreneurship: 

As a plumber, you can either work independently or collaborate with any company. There are so many companies that need skilled plumbers and there is no dearth of jobs.


Job Variety: 

Sitting at a desk can be tiresome, and as a plumber, you get to see different locations and interact with new people. It not only helps to showcase your skills but at the same time, you get to meet new people and polish your social skills.

 A Feeling of Importance: 

When plumbers are needed, it is because people can’t fix their problems. Even though they can manage minor problems, but the main things can be sorted out by a plumber. This is a job that makes the work in a home possible.


Sitting at a desk can be boring, but the plumbing job, not just requires you to venture out, but at the same time you are physically active. You use your strength to haul pipes and equipment and make sure that the work is completed. This keeps you active.

 Training is not expensive:

Plumbing is one of the cheapest training available. There won’t be any debt on you and if you intend to be a plumber, you can either learn it in a vocational school or as an apprentice assisting a licensed plumber. This gives you real-world experience instead of the textbook.


Social Interaction: 

In your job you meet a lot of people, you discuss things and there is not even an iota of boredom. Plumbing is the most exciting job once you start doing it.

Great Pay and Benefits: 

Whether you are an independent plumber or working for a firm, you can earn a decent sum for your work. Many firms can provide you with benefits apart from the salary. You can receive benefits that will cover your expenses at the time you require it.


There are many reasons to be happy about your job, and if you are working for a reputable company, it will make sure that you are secured. Apart from a good salary, your benefits will be enough to satisfy your needs. Plumbing is a job that needs skill and a sharp brain, and if you have it and are ready to acquire the skills, you can go ahead.

Things You Should Know About Plumbing


Plumbing is very important in our homes, and without it, there can be no completion. It powers our kitchens, showers, water for drinking, washing if hands and body, and almost everything that we do. Plumbing doesn’t go wrong most of the time, but if you have a piece of expert knowledge at it or even know a little, you can do small repairs to fix the thing. It’s better to be prepared than to be not. It can save you money, time, and prevent problems in the future.

Recognize the Source of Your Water

The first thing about plumbing that you have to know is where the water is coming from. There can be different sources, and depending upon the place, your source can be different. Usually, the water comes from two main sources – a well or a pump/city water line. Depending on the source of the water, your expense matters. If the water is provided by a well, you don’t pay any bills, but if it comes from the waterline, some dues have to be paid.


Locate and Turn Off Your Water Main

This is very important to know. Just in case there is a leak, you should know where to turn it off. In every case of plumbing, there is always the main valve that can control the whole plumbing. This can be anywhere. It is usually near the street with a secondary inside the house. The valve can be used to stop the flow of water in case there is a leak.

 Find the Individual Cut-Off Valves

The next step is to locate all the individual valves and find out how to control them. These places are very important as they can be used to cut off the water for one area without affecting the whole house. In case a particular area needs repairing, you can set off the individual area, which won’t affect the water supply in other portions of the house.

Cut-Off Valves

Scrutinize the Water Meter and Bill

Bills are very important to understand. Your water meter will be located somewhere around your house, and your job is to learn how to read it and understand how the water is billed. It will help you monitor the water usage and control it. The water company can help you in locating the meter and help you with any questions that you can have. You should also check the bill whenever it comes so that you can see if there is an irregular spike which indicates to the leaks.

Adjust the Water Pressure

If you have the municipal water, you will also have the water pressure regulator that keeps in check the water pressure coming inside the house. Without it, the water will blast in your house. You need to find the regulator, and adjust the pressure.

Adjust the Water Pressure


There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when plumbing. If you know the important valves, you can help in the plumbing problems, and also fix the issues that you might be facing.

Types of plumbing pipes


Whether you are doing the plumbing yourself, or you are about to hire the plumber, as a beginner, the experience can be quite confusing as there are plenty of pipes. If you do not know the types, you need to sit down and stop rushing things. The different types of pipes are used for different kinds of uses, and you have to know that.

PEX Pipe

The PEX pipe is one of the popular types of pipes to hit the market and it is a recent one. The task of the pipe is to supply water and it is fit enough to support the pressure of water, and also is flexible. It can weave through walls, basements, and other spaces. If you are going to do-it-yourself, then PEX is the kind of pipe for you. It is a highly flexible pipe, inexpensive, able to join with the copper pipe and cuts easily.

PEX Pipe

PVC Pipe

One of the reasons PVC gained popularity is that it is a lightweight pipe in comparison to the steel pipe. polyvinyl chloride or PVC is used for vent line or drain plumbing. It is easy to install and cut. It can also be used for irrigational purposes and is much easier to work with than the steel or copper pipes.

Rigid Copper Pipe

Even though the pipe is called Rigid, it can be bent to serve various plumbing purposes. It is the most common type of pipe uses for water supply within the home. It can be easily cut and is good for water supply as it has no negative effects on health. It can withstand intense water pressure, good with heat, flexible enough, and can be recycled.

Rigid Copper Pipe

ABS Pipe

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a type of pipe that is used as a vent and drain plumbing. It is black and softer than PVC. The pipe has been made to cater to the underground needs and can work well at cold temperatures. It is stronger than the PVC pipes which makes it good for the underground exterior use.

Flexible Copper Pipe

It is used in some special things. Flexible copper pipe is used in water heaters, refrigerators, and sinks. It can be cut and bent with ease. It can be fitted easily around unusually shaped areas and has a high heat tolerance. It is a little expensive, but the benefits exceed the price.

Flexible Copper Pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe and Cast Iron

These two pipe types are frequently used. Galvanized pipe was used for decades for drainage, water supply, gas supply, and other things. It is still used, but the occurrence is less compared to the older times. On the other hand, Cast Iron is used for drainage purposes, and you can still find it in many homes. It is difficult to cut. The rust is an issue with the pipe.


These are the main types of plumbing pipes used in plumbing, and if you are planning to do it yourself, the knowledge about pipes will help you a lot.

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